Social and Labor Compliance Program

Buyer & Executive Training

We as Brands/Retailers have significant influence with Suppliers and Factories by what we believe and how we communicate our expectations to Suppliers. We acknowledge that price, delivery, and delayed approvals put pressure on Suppliers and influence factory decisions and behaviors.

Supplier Engagement

Suppliers are the most critical element of this equation. We believe that having a proactive approach, building long term relationships, maintaining clear communication, and setting expectations helps continuous improvement.


Our Program is built to provide broad and integrated oversight through auditing, remediation, and improvement tracking processes. Communication and training is an essential part of our continuous improvement program, which tracks factory improvements over time as compared to mutually agreed upon goals.

Our Partner

ELEVATE is a global professional services firm that specializes in supply chain social, environmental, and business performance. A recognized industry thought leader, ELEVATE helps retailers and brands design, build, and manage programs to address social and environmental risks. The company’s extensive on-the-ground experience gives it unique insights into how to help buyers and suppliers move beyond compliance. ELEVATE provides traditional auditing and improvement services, and it is also one of the industry’s leading innovators, providing solutions to complex problems and actively engaging in all levels of the supply chain with segmented services and customized programs.