Peace of mind service.

Our Approach

Putting the "you" in uniforms.

Your brand is unique. And, your uniforms and employee gear should be, too. That is why personal service is woven into every step of our process. With our global reach, custom design, and fit capabilities, we help you achieve a personalized look. However, you trim off catalog pricing, warehouse fulfillment charges, and long term contracts. We don't just make uniforms; we create custom programs that accommodate the changing needs of your organization.



Think outside the catalog.

With us, you don’t have to stick to the catalog options. We help you design your uniforms and employee gear just the way you imagine them. That is to say, the fit, the fabric, the color, it is all up to you.



We want to be sure we understand your team’s needs, the essence of your brand, and the perceptions of your customers. These are the types of insights we gather during our discovery phase. We start by collecting existing assets, conducting focus groups, observing on-site interactions, and more. As a result, the uniforms we create better communicate your brand to your customers. Plus, they will help your employees feel great.

  • Focus groups
  • Asset gathering
  • Brand audit
  • Uniform program audit

Creative Exploration


Once we completely understand your needs, we begin our creative exploration process. Between custom embroidery and unique fabric prints to create coordinating apparel items for multiple departments, there is no limit to what we will achieve. Be sure to ask about fit options. We also offer moisture-wicking and snag-resistant fabrics along with sustainable options.

  • Mood boards
  • Storyboard
  • Samples
  • Completely custom
  • PMS color match



Now that the design and fabrics for your uniforms are chosen, let’s see them first hand. During this phase of the uniform design process, we analyze prototypes and make final adjustments.

  • Pre-production
  • Refinements
  • Final send-off



You might just have to ‘try it on’ to make sure it’s the right fit. In other words, it's time to talk to your valued staff to ensure the uniforms are performing well. Additionally, we continually monitor trends to ensure your brand stays up-to-date. Don't forget! We also handle your specialty merchandise requests. For example, branded t-shirts, specialty ball caps, and picnic blankets could be perfect for summertime events, promotions, and celebrations!

  • Order tracking
  • Consultations
  • Enhancements
  • Trend monitoring

Global Sourcing

Shorten the supply chain.

With the relationships we have made with manufacturers across the world, we are able to produce your custom designed uniforms for less than you would pay to select a set from a catalog. And, your uniforms will help support the communities in which they are made. This is made possible by enforcing regulated and fair work environments and increasing the demand for workers. It's a win-win.

Warehouse & Fulfillment

Here for you.

With a background in the service industry, we understand that emergencies happen. That is why we offer free storage for your uniforms and set a delivery expectation of 24-48 hours. As your brand partners, it is important to us that you can rely on our team to be strategic in accomplishing your goals and helping you to save money. Beyond absorbing all overhead costs and fulfillment fees, Threads Uniform Agency also consolidates your individual orders into existing freights. As a result, this reduces the expense and increases efficiency.

With a quality assurance program in place and a caring staff, we have acquired an industry-high for on-time shipping. And we have a less than 5% return rate including no-fault returns like ordering the wrong size!

IT Solutions

Easily manage your program.

Our customizable IT programs help you with the basics like ordering new uniforms, checking your inventory, and accounting. But that is just the beginning. We can incorporate staff reward programs, customize digital dashboards, develop apps specifically for your business, and more.

Web Stores

Web Stores

Certainly, user-friendly web stores make it easy to order new uniforms for your entire team. Accessible on desktops, tablets, and mobile devises, we can set up role-based permissions. To clarify, you'll have the flexibility to assign employees different levels of responsibility and clearance. Reward and incentive programs can also be incorporated to accommodate credits for things like work anniversaries. Other types of payment methods could include payroll deductions, company cards, and carry-forward account balances.

  • Role-based access
  • Integrated punch-outs
  • PCI compliance
  • Mobile friendly
  • Integrated reward and incentive programs
  • Multiple payment options

Custom Dashboards

Custom Dashboards

Bringing it all together, your dashboard is like a control center. That is to say, it keeps you up to date on inventory, orders, and more.

  • Business Intelligence
  • Robust data mining capabilities
  • Extensive data reviews
  • Customizable reports and KPIs
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Real-time visual analytics
  • Intuitive analysis of defined KPIs

Client Services

Great relationships equal great outcomes.

At our core, we truly hang our hats on providing the best, most attentive service. This means we are passionate, adhering to high standards, and looking for opportunities to go above and beyond. From the beginning, we take the time to become familiar with your brand. This includes your culture, objectives, and potential barriers. With this information in our pockets, we can provide support and recommendations grounded in strategy. Even though we equip your business digitally, we want you to know our team is always here to answer your questions. That is why your calls will be answered by your account executive, not an answering service, robot, or representative who doesn’t know your business.