Caring for the Environment with Sustainable Uniforms and Practices

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When it comes to environmentally-friendly practices, we take a two-pronged approach. First, we look for opportunities to reduce our impact through our own operations. Secondly, we focus on offering sustainable products.

Reducing our environmental impact

Ukrop's Threads recycled boxes
We go beyond the basics of recycling packaging materials and business supplies. For example, we donate unclaimed clothes to Guatemala and unwearable scraps to make dog beds. In addition, our company also uses reusable cups, mugs, plates, and utensils. Offering work-from-home days saves electricity and encouraging our team to use company-wide software programs reduces paper usage. Lastly, we take responsibility for the natural area surrounding our building. We do this by ensuring the native plants are thriving and the creek is undisturbed.

“As Ukrop’s Threads’ Brand Developer, I work with multiple organizations who are looking for more sustainable products. Sustainable clothing is an important aspect of a company’s carbon footprint. Plus, it can contribute towards several green initiatives. By purchasing sustainably, you are saving natural resources. Furthermore, the production of your uniforms will utilize less water and support safer and fairer working conditions. Sustainable fashion is incorporated from our designing and sourcing to production and transportation. With technology evolving every day, we can now offer upcycled, recycled and biodegradable materials. Not to mention cleaner dye processes and antibacterial treatments. Made-to-last organic items are definite wins when it comes to sustainability, as they have less wear-and-tear while also reducing negative impacts on the environment. I am passionate about sustainable fashion and believe it is very important for our future generations.”

– Isabel Edmonds

Wegmans eco-Threads poloOffering environmentally-friendly products and solutions

Our second approach focuses on providing more sustainable uniform and eco-friendly merchandise options. The Wegmans polo, for example, is made of 100% recycled fabric. Each of their uniforms has an eco-Threads label, signifying the company’s environmental initiatives. Read more about the positive impact of their sustainable uniforms.

Our sustainable uniform options are constructed with materials that are recycled, renewable, and toxic-free. Furthermore, they are manufactured in a way that reduces waste. These principles also apply to our eco-friendly merchandise. Whether you are looking for sustainable and ethically sourced polos, hats, or sunglasses, we are here to help.

Some of our most popular eco-friendly swag:

T-shirts Backpacks Drinkware Polos
Hats & visors Socks Picnic baskets Totebags
Jackets Umbrellas Namebadges Face masks



Cotopaxi backpack closeupWe can also help you source products from name brand companies, like Cotopaxi and The North Face, who focus on sustainable fashion. Then, we can customize your merchandise to showcase your brand.

How we classify sustainable products

Sustainable products are those that are:
– manufactured sustainably and ethically (you can view our protocol on ethically sourced products here)
– able to be recycled or have sustainable end-of-life disposal
– free from toxic materials and ozone depleting substances
– produced from recycled materials or renewable resources
– packaged with menial waste
– designed to last






We are here to help answer any of your questions about transitioning to more sustainable custom-designed products.

Call 888.559.8988 or contact your Threads Care Crew today and learn more about sustainable alternatives.