Celebrating 25 Years and Counting!

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A Letter from our President & CEO, Jeff Ukrop

Dear Friends:

On May 1, 1998, Ukrop’s Dress Express, Inc. officially incorporated as a business. Since that time, our organization has been blessed with terrific clients and partners like you. Through the years, our operation has expanded its innovative capabilities, all while journeying through a couple of brand refreshes. Some knew our business as UDE, others as Ukrop’s Threads. Now, you know us as Threads Uniform Agency.

Today, Threads formally begins celebrating 25 years of serving clients with world class, customized uniform programs. With loyal customers and faithful vendors, Threads is able to step into the next quarter century of operation. The Threads leadership team and my family are deeply grateful for your partnership, while also recognizing the hard work of the many current and former team members who have helped the organization reach this important milestone.

As Threads steps forward, it is critical that we appreciate our past. Rooted in the Golden Rule, we will continue to focus on delivering high quality garments and reliable services that support your growing needs. While doing so, treating you and your team the way you want to be treated is essential. 25 years has taught us a lot. So much of this learning is a result of our engagement with customers and vendors. We are strengthened by these relationships and look forward to working closely with you into the future, threading our experiences together to deliver even stronger levels of service.

Today and every day, we offer our tremendous gratitude for your partnership and how it has helped Threads step into the next 25 years of service!

With Appreciation,

Jeff Ukrop

Jeff Ukrop Signature

President & CEO