Custom Name Tags: the Finishing Touch for Your Uniforms


Uniforms say a lot about your brand. Bright colors and fun patterns give a sense of playfulness. Crisp lines and wrinkle-free fabrics present your professionalism. And, custom name tags? They show your customers that you’re there to help!

How name tags showcase your brand’s identity and dedication to customer service

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Service encompasses everything from the way you greet your patrons to how you answer their questions. Name tags help present your brand and employees as being helpful, personable, and available.

Helpful: Did you know that Threads used to be in the grocery industry? It’s true! We were a small grocery that grew quickly because of our dedication to customer service. At the time, we were one of the first stores to help carry groceries to the car and load them up!

Personable: Being personable is a helpful way for customers to feel comfortable, understood, and cared for. Small things like custom name tags let people know you are there to help. This nurtures customer relationships. In return, increasing customer loyalty.

Available: Name tags can be a real conversation starter. They make your team more familiar and approachable. Customers know who to go to with their questions or orders.

All brands have a unique personality. The above are general ideas. You can customize your tactics based on your specific needs!

namebadge examplesMake your employee name tags custom to your brand.

Let’s serve up something unique. Contact your Threads Care Crew for ideas on creating your custom name tags. Options range from full-color badges to blackboard badges so employees can write in their own names for an additional personal touch.

Remember, it is much more than just a name tag. From button to badge, we are here to ensure your brand is a true representation of your company.

Want more information about how to order your custom name tags? Let’s get started today!