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The Threads Experience

It's about more than making uniforms. We create specific programs that accommodate the changing needs of your organization. With personal service woven into every step of our process, you’ll get the quality and flexibility you need to ensure your team is always looking and feeling their best.

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Cynthia, J'keyah & Nicole, Sales
Cynthia, J'keyah & Nicole, Sales


No more catalogs. We create a program designed specifically for your brand and the work you do. Your uniforms are just the way you imagine them, from fit and fabric to style and color.

Research & Discovery

During this phase we get to know you and your brand a little better. We want to be sure we understand your team’s needs, the essence of your brand, and perceptions of your clients. We will review your current uniform apparel, conduct focus groups, and observe your employees in real-time. Then we’ll discover better options to wear your brand and help your employees look and feel great. As a result, uniforms we create will better communicate who you are to your clients.

Create & Customize

Once we completely understand you and your needs, we get our creative juices going. We have developed fit blocks using the most up-to-date industry data, sizing standards, and client feedback. This enables us to offer a wide range of sizing, fabric and other capabilities like:

  • Sizing from XS-5X sometimes up to 10X!
  • Specialized embroidery
  • Snag resistant and moisture-wicking fabric
  • Athletic and feminine fits
  • PMS color match
  • Recycled fabric

There is no limit to what we can source and create to ensure the best uniform product for your team.

Test & Try

Now that the design and fabrics for your uniforms are chosen, you get to see and experience them first-hand. During this phase of the uniform design process, we analyze prototypes and make final adjustments. And we encourage you to let your employees wear the uniforms and provide feedback. This ensures the final product meets and hopefully exceeds your expectations.

Launch & Review

Once the program is up and running, we want to know how it’s working? We will speak with your teams to make sure their new uniforms are performing well. And as your uniform partner, our work is never done. We stay up-to-speed on trends and capabilities ensuring you’ve the best uniform options to support your business needs.

Customized Web Store

Our customizable web store helps you manage your uniform program. You can easily order new uniforms, check your inventory, and manage accounting. And everything can be tailored to fit your needs. We can incorporate staff reward programs, create digital dashboards, develop apps specifically for your business and so much more.

Easy Management

We can incorporate staff reward and incentive programs to accommodate credits for work anniversaries. You can also use different types of payment methods, like payroll deductions, company cards, and carry-forward account balances.

Customized Dashboard

Bringing it all together, your dashboard is like a control center. That is to say, it keeps you up to date on inventory, orders and more.

Mobile Capabilities

We can create a mobile application for your web store. Then your employees can order conveniently using whatever device they prefer. We can also set access limits for ordering based on roles, responsibilities and clearances.

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Todd, Operations

Warehouse andFulfillment

With a long history in the service industry, we are prepared for emergencies. We offer free storage of your uniforms and ship within 24 hours. With your best interest in mind, we provide competitive pricing for all your orders ensuring efficiency and cost savings.

Todd, Operations
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Global Sourcing & Sustainability

With our global relationships in manufacturing, we have the resources to produce your custom designed uniforms at a competitive price while sewing seeds of social responsibility. And as partners, we help support communities where your uniforms are made while adhering to regulated, fair work environments. Your uniform program can be one that minimizes waste through our streamlined packaging and recycled materials.

Social Responsibility

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