EG America Uses Custom Merchandise to Raise Thousands for Their Employees

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The EG America Hope Fund is an exemplary program that provides incredible support to employees facing hardship. Over the past decade, the company has donated over $830,000 to more than 380 team members in need!

Inspired by the program, EG America’s Facilities Warehouse Manager and the company’s head softball coach, Michael Hutchison, had a brilliant thought. Why not use our custom softball uniforms to help generate money for the Hope Fund? His proposal was to offer the jerseys as a product on their employee webstore. Then, $10 would be donated to the Hope Fund for every purchase. With a game-winning idea in his mitt, Michael gave us a call.

“They do a great job sourcing the products we use, making sure they come at a good price point so that we can always give $10 back to the Hope Fund.”
– Michael Hutchison

Talking with Michael, we knew that the custom jerseys required unique and fun designs, creative sourcing, and seamless integration with their employee webstore. Almost three and a half years later, his big swing paid off. They’ve progressed from selling only jerseys to offering custom ball caps, fleece pullovers, and t-shirts, all sold directly on their employee store.

“I’ll be getting one as soon as I can. Just another Great part of a Great company! #HopeFundHelps”
– EG America employee

The Threads digital team also added a real-time funds counter to the webstore. This way, EG America can see the immediate impact of their purchase. Currently, the counter is sporting an all-time total of $27,410. Of that, $3,940 has been from this year’s custom merchandise alone!

“It’s just been insane. Every year it gets bigger and bigger and I can’t stop watching that ticker go up. It feels good.”
– Michael Hutchison

We’re proud to help facilitate these types of programs. If you have an idea, we are here to do what it takes to make it happen! Contact us today and let’s create something great.