Reinventing Ladies’ Uniforms – How We Achieved Our Custom Fit

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Uniforms have come a long way in terms of design and fit, and today, Threads is proud to design ladies’ uniforms to combine comfort, style and functionality. How did we do it?

1. It Started with a Vision

Womens' Polo Tops Tech Drawings

Our perfect ladies fit started with a vision to move beyond a men’s polo for women and instead offer silhouettes that are more flattering on a wide array of feminine silhouettes. Uniforms women would want to wear. Today we continue to evolve that vision with input from our customers – and their employees. The goal is always to keep your team feeling good and proud of what they wear.

2. Creating that Custom Fit

Womens' Polo Tops Color IllustrationOne size does not fit all, and this is especially true for ladies’ uniforms. We worked with industry experts on fit, as well as fit models, so we could refine our patterns to make sure they looked good, felt good and still had the right amount of mobility for team members to do their jobs effectively. This meant thinking through the length of shirts so skin doesn’t show when reaching, tailoring the sleeves on our XL sized shirts for better coverage and more comfortable fit, and even creating more flattering necklines and sleeve lengths for all.

3. Always Listening

Reinventing ladies’ uniforms went beyond the initial design and fitting. We are always looking at trends and seeking feedback with an eye toward changing needs. Our goal is to be a partner in helping our customers best represent their brand while delighting their team!

Ready to empower and inspire the women on your team? You’re gonna love our fit!