Serving with Style: Uniform Trends Out of the Fast Casual Executive Summit

Behind the Scenes at the Fast Casual Summit

Threads had an amazing time attending and presenting at this year’s Fast Casual Executive Summit! During this two-and-a-half-day experience, top executives at restaurants across the nation are able to network, learn from each other and really dig deep on topics impacting the industry today.

As Bronze Sponsors, we were onsite with fabric samples, uniform designs, and a look at trends during a showcase of the industry’s hottest styles in a runway presentation of the season’s must-have uniforms and accessories. Here’s what we’re seeing:

Trend #1 – Fit to Form
Quick Service Restaurants are looking for new ways their uniforms can work harder to benefit employees’ comfort and productivity. One size does not fit all! And so uniform programs need to allow for options that take into account different body types, mobility, weather, and more are becoming an expectation.

Trend #2 – Let it Breathe
Gone are the days of 70s polyester. Employee comfort is key – especially for those working in the kitchen where things can get hot. Threads offers moisture-wicking and breathable fabric options to ensure your team is always at their best. And a bonus: today’s fabrics are also more sustainable! If reducing your environmental footprint is on your list, we have a uniform for that.

Trend #3 – Keeping it Fresh with Employee Engagement
Uniforms can not only represent your brand, but they can also promote your product. One of our customers has a quarterly t-shirt program that keeps their look fresh. And by inviting team members to submit designs for the next shirt – it also keeps team excitement high!

Trend #4 – Bring on the Graphics
Your brand may be best for a polo or button-down look, but if your vibe has a little more flair, screen-printing and graphics are for you.

Trend #5 – Accessories that Work
From hats to keep your team looking fresh to over-the-shoulder bags that serve as a fashionable but functional holder for food order taking tools, we’re getting creative to put your uniforms to work.


As a partner, Threads not only stays up on the latest trends, but we help our customers figure out the best program to meet their needs. Are you ready to up your uniform game? Let’s talk!