The Hallmarks of a Great Uniform Program

Threads Uniform Agency birds eys view of hands interacting with fabric swatches and color books

Uniforms are essential because they impact the experience of the people most important to a company: customers and employees.

Branded Uniforms:

  • Clearly identify employees to customers
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Enhance teamwork and productivity
  • Support the visual presentation of a company’s brand
  • Serve as an advertisement for the company

But what goes into a great uniform program? Stefanie Rogers, our Threads vice president of sales and marketing, says “Fit, function and fashion are the hallmarks of a great uniform.”

“There is a greater emphasis on apparel fit and fabric performance in the last 15 years,” Rogers says. “When I first started in this industry, the fabrics were not breathable, colors faded, polyester retained odors or snagged. And at that time the options for non-unisex silhouettes or larger sizes were extremely limited or non-existent. There was more of a one-size-for-all mentality.”

Today there are options, and a strong uniform program partner can help you navigate the choices. You can make selections that compliment your brand and also take into account the needs and wishes of your team. If you ask anyone responsible for managing their company’s uniform program, they’ll tell you there is no lack of opinions or feedback around uniforms. That’s why it’s imperative to get it right!

For Threads, our goal is to design uniforms that are unique to our clients’ brand that can be executed in a functional, practical and sustainable manner. It’s our job to showcase the brand and its employees with budget-appropriate, uniform-friendly solutions. We’ll lead our clients through their design exploration and business imperatives to land on a uniform solution that checks all the boxes.

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